Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling

With this technology we ensure that your building will be fully simulated before being built to avoid any kind of problems for you in the future.

Evaluate construction before it happens

Our technology-based solution produces tangible results through each step of construction.  Blackbird Industries processes ensure that the model is used in a practical and highly effective manner. In other words, we can simulate every situation before it’s built, avoiding problems such as cost blowouts, project delay and low-quality handover.

Using BIM, we also create a virtual prototype that shows visualizations. These visualizations allow the project team to communicate design intent in 3D and rendered images or videos instead of a flat 2D plan, making you feel even more at ease. Real-time walk-throughs and simulations can realistically convey the look and feel of the new facility before a shovel ever hits the ground.

Benefits we can offer

  • Enhanced communication
  • Powerful design visualization
  • Faster processes
  • Transparency of design
  • Improved quality of control and assurance

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