Reality Capture

Reality Capture

Digital Reality Capture is our digital modelling service that provides the bridge between 3D laser scanning surveying and digital design.

Beyond drone footage

Reality capture is the practice of combining digital project models (BIM), scan data, photographs and other forms of data into a unified format. This, in turn, gives stakeholders a comprehensive snapshot of the project at any given point, which is an essential part of many projects today.

The digital model is the foundation of all design work that follow’s and it is vital that the method and form of construction for the digital model is tailored specifically to the requirements of the end user. At Blackbird Industries we have a team focused on providing the best results for our clients to follow their construction work.

Benefits we can offer

  • Reduction or elimination of costly return site visits
  • The ability to capture data on structures without disrupting the construction
  • Faster and more accurate creation of building information models (BIMs)
  • Clearance measurements and clash detection

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