Rural Sheds

For any rural shed requirement, Blackbird Industries offer ideal layout sheds for easy transport access and to store large equipment. We can customise the sheds with flexible height and length adjustments to better suit the needs of our customers.

Rural Shed 20

Rural Shed 19

Size: 14.4m X 7.5m X 3.6m

Rural Shed 18

Size: 201.2m X 49.7m X 6.0m

Rural Shed 17

Size: 12.0m X 9.0m X 3.6m

Rural Shed 16

Size: 20.0m X 10.0m X 4.2m

Rural Shed 15

Size: 19.0m X 7.5m X 4.2m

Rural Shed 14

Size: 27.0m X 9.0m X 3.6m

Rural Shed 13

Size: 22.5m X 12.0m X 5.8m

Rural Shed 12

Size: 16.0m X 7.0m X 3.6m